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4 Practical Tips to Senior Proof a Home

4 Practical Tips to Senior Proof a Home

Senior adults, regardless if they are receiving medical home care in Honolulu, Hawaii or not, are more likely to suffer from falls at home. They feel comfortable at home so they tend to move around without worrying about their surroundings. However, because their body isn’t as good as it used to be, a careless move can cause them to trip and fall.

If an older adult opts to age in place, then you have to make the home safe and comfortable for the elderly’s stay. One of the first steps you can take is senior proofing the home. It protects the senior from falls and injuries. Here are four practical tips to prepare the home for the elderly’s convenience:

  1. Stairways, Pathways, and Hallways
    Install handrails on the stairs. Encourage the senior to use the handrails when they go up or down the steps. At the top and bottom of the stairs, install good lighting too. Aside from these, install carpets on the floor. The installed carpets can soften the blow in the event that the senior adult does trip and fall. Fix the carpet firmly to the floor so that they won’t move around when someone walks on them. For areas where you can’t use carpets, install no-slip strips.
  2. Bedroom

    In the bedroom, install suitable night lights by the bed. Aside from that, install the light switch close to the bed and it should be easy-to-reach for the senior. Prepare for blackouts and emergencies by keeping a flashlight near the bed.

    Give the senior adult easy access to the phone. This is in case they need to call for help from providers of home health care in Hawaii or for emergency help. It is recommended to place the telephone near their bed.

  3. Bathrooms
    Grab bars near the toilets as well as outside and inside of the tub/shower make life easier for senior adults. The bathroom floor gets wet easily so place non-slip carpets, strips, or mats. Seniors may have their home care provider assisting them with their bathroom business. Still, these grab bars are necessary to lower the chances that the senior trips and falls.
  4. Clutter and Furniture
    Furniture such as sofa and chairs must be at the right height for the senior adult. For low objects such as coffee tables and footstools, keep them away from areas that the senior adult walks through. There shouldn’t be any furniture lying in the senior’s way. The same goes for clutter such as small boxes, books, clothes, and shoes. If you see clutter around the home, clean them up immediately.

3GS Direct Care Services Provider, LLC only wants the best for a senior adult who is aging in place. Thus, we encourage senior proofing the home ahead of time for the elderly’s safety. Do you have other tips for senior proofing the home that you want to share? Leave a comment to let us know.

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